Cameron Dalile (Tminus28x)


Cameron Dalile (Tminus28x)

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Hey guys,

My name is Cameron. I'm 29 years old and I am originally from Pennsylvania but I now live on the West Coast.

I am a Director for a studio but in my free time I enjoy hanging out on cam with you guys! I just like to relax, laugh and just have a good time.

Two things you may not know about me is that I LOVE volunteer work when I also have free time. Still looking for a non-profit out here to become affiliated with. I was extremely active with an organization back in Pennsylvania for a few years. They specialized in re-selling furniture given by communal donations in which proceeds would go to jail and prison program funding.

I spent a few years behind bars due to my addiction and bad choices but was able to come away from that because I didn't want to spend my life in prison, I also didn't want to die. I will soon be going into my 4th year in recovery and am so excited. It has also been 18 months since my incarceration so I feel like i'm starting to head in the right direction.

Despite my life being surrounded by naked men and other men I have a somewhat "conservative" outlook on relationships. I believe in monogamy and I am selfish and want you all to myself. I am a firm believer that if I cannot make you happy that we may not be a good fit, and thats okay. Life is a constant lesson and we always are in a state of refinement, if we allow it.

I love the outdoors and enjoy skiing, wake boarding, waterskiing, swimming, diving, painting and photography.